About Taking on Private Educational Loans

Your ability to obtain private educational funding is largely based on your credit-worthiness and current indebtedness. Students will likely be required to use a cosigner. Interest rates will be based on the student's and cosigner's credit-worthiness.

We encourage you to compare loan terms (interest rates, fees, payment obligations, etc.), as they vary widely. Deferment and/or forbearance options are services of the lender and are different within each private educational loan product. If you experience financial hardship or difficulty making payments, contact your lender immediately.

Dartmouth College Private Educational Loan Lender List

This is a comprehensive, three-year list of lenders used by our undergraduate families. Your family's needs are unique and no lender is perfect for every family. Shop around to find the best loan to meet your needs.

Please note:

  • The list is NOT ranked in any way.
  • We do not have preferred arrangements with any of the lenders listed below.
  • The Dartmouth Financial Aid Office receives no benefit for listing these lenders.
  • We cannot legally recommend a lender to you.
  • Under federal law, you have the right to borrow through the lender of your choice regardless of whether the lender appears on this list.
  • Some loans have citizenship, residency, or membership requirements
  • To best support the selection process, Dartmouth has chosen to use a display platform called ELMSelect. ELMSelect is not a lender and does not promote any lender. Additionally, not all lenders choose to participate with ELMSelect. Please view our "Helpful Links" tab to connect to lenders Dartmouth students have used in the past three years that do not participate in this listing.

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