FAFSA and Other Forms

FAFSA information is now being provided by the Department of Education on a daily basis.  If you have successfully submitted the FAFSA, it should be “satisfied” on your requirement list in DartHub. The Financial Aid Office may contact you if there are corrections that need to be made to your FAFSA. Guidance on making corrections has been provided by the Department of Education

The FAFSA is a required part of the 2024-2025 financial aid application process and must be received before we can provide you with a financial aid offer.

If you are having technical trouble completing the FAFSA, please contact Federal Student Aid for assistance.

For U.S. citizens or permanent residents, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only form required to apply for federal financial aid, grants, and loans. The other forms in the list below are required to apply for Dartmouth scholarship funds and loans.

A Note about Sending Documents Directly to the Office

Confidential information, including personally identifiable information (PII), should not be transmitted via email without encryption.  Dartmouth has contracted with the College Board to offer a secure upload for US Citizens and Permanent Residents to submit application information through IDOC.  If you are sending sensitive information directly to the office please mail the documents, or provide the documents via encrypted application (i.e., Winzip) with password protection.  The password to open any encrypted documents should be sent via separate email.

Important Deadlines

Early Decision

CSS Profile: November 1
FAFSA: February 1
IDOC: November 1

Regular Decision

CSS Profile: February 1
FAFSA: February 1
IDOC: February 1

Transfer Students

CSS Profile: March 1
FAFSA: March 1
IDOC: March 1

Choose your Residency Status for Application Details

U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents

  • Important dates and information about required application documents.

Undocumented Students

  • Dartmouth provides financial aid to undocumented students.

International Students

  • Required documents and deadlines for students from outside of the U.S.A.