Details About Dartmouth

Dartmouth College's Office of the General Counsel publishes details about a variety of topics that are of interest to students and families.

Higher Education Act Information (Office of General Counsel website)

Topics Covered

  • College Costs & Our Net Price Calculator
  • Textbook Information
  • Student Information & Diversity
  • Career Placement
  • Graduate Education Placement
  • Completion/Graduation Rates
  • Transfer of Credit Policy
  • Consequences of Drug Conviction on Federal Financial Aid
  • Annual Disclosure to Students
  • Copyright Information & Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
  • Health and Safety & Disclosure of Relationship with Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Notification to the Dartmouth Community (DartAlert, D2U Now, Dartmouth Home Page, Dartmouth Emergency Information Website, Emergency Response and Notification Systems Testing)
  • Disclosure of Fire Safety Standards and Measures
  • Disclosure of Vaccination Policies