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Flags from the armed services, the United States, and Dartmouth flown at a banquet ceremony.

a 15 millimeter cannon

Veterans Day at Dartmouth included the firing of a 15-millimeter cannon.

Josh Rivers

Josh Rivers '15, a member of the Lone Pine Battalion ROTC program, is framed by the lights of Dartmouth Hall.

soldiers folding a flag

Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices America's veterans have made and make every day, here in the United States and around the world.

Dartmouth's ROTC cadets after taking their Oath of Enlistment.

Dartmouth welcomes undergraduate and graduate veteran students and participates fully in the Yellow Ribbon and GI Bill programs available to our ex-military applicants.

Financial Aid for Ex-Service Applicants

Dartmouth is thankful and respectful of your commitment to serving our country and we welcome your interest in becoming part of our community. We make every effort to offer our veteran applicants effective support through the funding process and we are here to guide you and your families through the filing procedures.

Dartmouth considers all veterans to be independent and we do not require your parent's financial information in the application process. Please complete all application materials with only your own personal information. Veteran's benefits are included as a resource when we determine your need for Dartmouth financial aid. Submit a copy of your eligibility letter to the Financial Aid Office and to the Registrar. Enrollment confirmation is reported to the VA by the Registrar’s Office.

We are also here to help current Dartmouth veteran students who need to reapply for their annual benefits. Come by the Financial Aid Office if you need any assistance.

Graduate veteran applicants can get further assistance from their individual degree program offices.

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