Fee Waivers

The College Scholarship Service (CSS) requires a fee to process the CSS Profile. The information here explains how you might qualify for a fee waiver.

Students Residing in the U.S.

The College Board automatically awards fee waivers based on financial information (income and assets) provided on the registration form. If the student is eligible based on the initial registration criteria, he/she will be permitted to skip the registration payment step. At the point the application is submitted, the student will be notified if the fee has been waived.

International Citizens

We are using the College Scholarship Service Profile form to collect accurate, consistent information and to minimize the possibility for data entry errors. If the cost associated with the CSS Profile form is going to present a significant financial burden for your family, you may request permission to use an alternative form. Please send an email to financial.aid@dartmouth.edu that provides the following information: 

  • Your country of residence
  • Your family's total 2020 income from all sources in your country's currency.
  • The name of your home currency (Kenyan shilling, Mexican pesos, etc).