Reapply for Financial Aid

FAFSA information is now being provided by the Department of Education on a daily basis.  If you have successfully submitted the FAFSA, it should be “satisfied” on your requirement list in DartHub. The Financial Aid Office may contact you if there are corrections that need to be made to your FAFSA. Guidance on making corrections has been provided by the Department of Education.

The FAFSA is a required part of the 2024-2025 financial aid application process and must be received before we can provide you with a financial aid offer.

If you are having technical trouble completing the FAFSA, please contact Federal Student Aid for assistance.

Required Materials

  • FAFSA (School code: 002573)
  • CSS Profile (School code: 3351) for the custodial parent household.
  • IDOC - Securely submit your parents' 2022 tax returns and w2 forms. Your IDOC account will be created when the CSS Profile is completed.
  • Dartmouth Scholarship Matching Survey (in Dartmouth's secure system, DartHub. This application will be available over the summer).

Your individualized requirements are available to you through DartHub.

If your parents live in another country, please submit Canadian Tax Returns or Income Tax Statements as applicable.