Reapply for Financial Aid

FAFSA data is expected to start being received in late March. Until we receive your data, you may continue to receive reminders that your FAFSA is outstanding. No action is needed if you received confirmation from the Department of Education that your FAFSA was submitted successfully.

We appreciate your patience as we work to manage the technical issues and delays associated with the new FAFSA application. We can assure you that the delays will have no negative impact on your financial aid eligibility at Dartmouth College.

If you are having technical trouble completing the FAFSA, please contact Federal Student Aid for assistance.

Required Materials

  • FAFSA (School code: 002573)
  • CSS Profile (School code: 3351) for the custodial parent household.
  • IDOC - Securely submit your parents' 2022 tax returns and w2 forms. Your IDOC account will be created when the CSS Profile is completed.
  • Dartmouth Scholarship Matching Survey (in Dartmouth's secure system, DartHub. This application will be available over the summer).

Your individualized requirements are available to you through DartHub.

If your parents live in another country, please submit Canadian Tax Returns or Income Tax Statements as applicable.