Financial Aid Home

The Financial Aid Office is now open to current students.

We are excited to welcome current students for walk-in visits to the Financial Aid Office. As always, you can still call, email, or drop into a Remote Zoom session.

Zero Parent Contribution and No Loan for Families with Income Below $65,000

For families with total annual income below $65,000, who possess typical assets for this income range, Dartmouth will not expect a parent contribution toward educational costs.

Our commitment:

To make the full experience of a Dartmouth education affordable for you and your family.
This promise is good for all four years.

An education you can afford

Aid recipients received an average Scholarship of over $60,000 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Our financial aid travels with you if you study abroad through one of Dartmouth's programs.

Tuition and expected family contribution for our 40+ off-campus programs are the same as for an on-campus term.

Starting with the Class of '26, families making under $125,000 who possess typical assets, will receive scholarship that covers at least the cost of tuition.

Loans are also available if needed.

Average student debt for all four years combined: $20,373

Financial Aid